Soteria Fire USA

The Soteria Throwable a revolutionairy new way to fight fires. When a fire occurs, simply throw the ampoule directly into the fire.

Soteria Throwable

How to Use


When a fire occurs, you have very little time to react. Precious seconds are wasted with heavy and complicated conventional fire extinguishers. These wasted seconds could mean the difference between life and death. Most people do not know how to use a conventional fire extinguisher.


With Soteria Throwable, fire fighting is made simple. Simply throw the entire Soteria Throwable ampoule into the fire and watch as it does the rest. Fight fires in one simple step:
Throw Soteria Throwable into the fire.


The unique Shatteract ampoule shatters into pieces immediately upon impact, unleashing its special extinguishing solution and putting out the fire within seconds. Soteria Throwable can be used to extinguish initial fires, or to clear a path through the flames to escape danger.